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Janet and Mike B.

“Every time my husband Michael and I smile for pictures that we share with our family and friends they always compliment us on our smiles. They come from within, but what you see was crafted with the skill, care, and expertise of Dr. Hunter and his staff. Before Dr. Hunter I had a terrible overbite, crooked and chipped yellowing teeth, unhealthy gums that were painful PLUS I snored awful at night my entire life! Now, we’ll see the difference in our pictures, and I don’t snore thanks to a custom fitted dental mouth guard I sleep with. Yes Dr. Hunter can make them, they work and are affordable!
Dr. Hunter and his Staff customized a dental plan for me. His office analyzed our insurance so I did no paperwork or numbers. I had veneers, a bridge, crowns, silver fillings changed to white, zoom bleaching and root canals to restore my mouth into a healthy amazing smile that you see. None of the dental work hurt either! My husband used to be sensitive about his spaces in his teeth, and he was comfortable enough to talk about cosmetic dentistry after many years of routine visits. His smile transformed by veneers and bleaching increased his confidence and improved his appearance.
We travel around the world and smile for photos knowing we have amazing ones thanks to Dr. Hunter and team.”